Online Focus Groups


Online Focus Groups are today’s money and time-saving choice. They are also the green choice.

The real-time, text-based focus group is your best choice for quick results.

You and your colleagues are able to witness the entire session from your own PCs. In the privacy of our Virtual Backroom, you can communicate with the moderator and one another, even if you are in different locations. The respondents do not see these backroom communications.

Check out our text-based online chat focus group facility! Click here to see Respondent View and click here to see the Client View.

For a deeper dive, we recommend the multi-day, threaded discussion, also known as an online bulletin-board discussion. You can get an idea of how this works by clicking on: The Brainchild Forum. Options in include: projective activities, mobile responding, photo responses, video/audio responses, & polling, among other features.

Our Video Diary service is similar to the threaded-discussion approach but adds the dynamism of video.

If you need facial expressions and tone of voice, we suggest you consider our Webcam Groups.

Call today to explore the suitability of Online Focus Groups for your upcoming research.